Solution Integration

We supply the HUBMASTER® System fully integrated with the storage system, ensuring a perfect fit and the correct structural dimensioning of the racking.


Additionally, the integration of automation solutions which complement the HUBMASTER® automatic storage and retrieval system is another of our strengths, with the aim at making us your one-stop shop for all your automation needs in the warehouse.


We offer turnkey implementations of complementary solutions and services such as:

  • Rack-Clad buildings (rack supported) as high density automatic storage warehouses, where the racking and HUBMASTER® System act as support for the building
  • Structural engineering for seismic compliance of the structure and its certification.
  • Fire protection engineering and integration of in-rack sprinkler solutions
  • Automatic guided vehicles (AGV/AMR) for the transport to/from different areas in the facility.
  • Conveyors, as pickup and drop (P&D) stations, and to carry loads in high throughout applications to/from other areas in the facility.
  • Solutions for GTM Picking Stations (goods-to-man).
  • Palletizing Robotic Cells.
  • Warehouse Management Software (WMS).


We can offer a high degree of integration between the different technologies thanks to the management via the HMWare™ WCS software by HUBMASTER®.

Consulting services

Our experts at HUBMASTER® Warehouse Automation Systems are also specialists in engineering projects, supported by:

  • Multidisciplinary and multicultural team with proven experience in delivering successful international projects.
  • Knowledge of the global intralogistics market.
  • The latest know-how in Industry 4.0 and automation technologies.

Our commitment is centered around three pillars:

  1. Improve the profitability of your business by maximizing the efficiency of your storage operations.
  2. Provide a first-rate advisory service totally customized to your needs, including technical visits to sites, budgets, designs, and final proposals.
  3. Provide an excellence after-sales service with remote technical assistance for preventive and corrective maintenance, extended warranties, and spare parts programs.

Project Development

Our Solution Experts at HUBMASTER® and the network of collaborating international partners which support us, are able to provide a one stop-shop for your automation projects from design to implementation, until final commissioning and training. Procedures followed for the successful implementation of a storage automation project by HUBMASTER® are described as follows.

Data Collection

We collect comprehensive technical data through scheduled site visits or through customer-supplied data. The data collection process requires the following gatherings: 

  • Loads that are going to be handled and their dimensions.
  • Current material flows between processes and their throughputs.
  • The necessary storage capacity and future projections.
  • Condition of the existing facilities and future expansion plans.
  • Forecast growth and future challenges.

Intralogistics Systems Planning

While developing an in-depth knowledge of the requirements and needs of our customers, we always look for wholistic intralogistic solutions to optimize the processes in the facility.

  • In this phase we identify the product flows in the system and plan the necessary storage and handling systems to improve the processes for efficiency and the storage density.
  • We make use of the latest trends and technologies on the market for the best possible development of the solution.

Development of the Solution

The technical specifications for the solution are now defined:

  • The detailed distribution plans.
  • The integration of solutions into the building.
  • Interaction with existing facilities.
  • Dynamic analysis and simulations to visualize the proposed solution.

We also design the fire protection system and analyze the transfer of loads onto the floor when required.

This all can be accompanied by a financial study of the return of the investment (ROI) based on discounted cash flow methodology, which compares the cost savings that would result from the proposed design, and provides main financial profitability ratios to assess the investment.

Implementation of the Project

During the implementation phase our engineering leadership will take care of the good progress of the project.

We identify and adapt the project documentation to meet the legal obligations required by the project and any market regulatory requirements.

We identify risks and produce an HSSE plan according to the specific requirements of the product and customer.

We establish a compliance follow up system via regular meetings and documentation during implementation.

During project implementation, we manage the delivery of materials, the assembly of the systems, the electrical and mechanical assembly of the material handling equipment and the installation of ancillary systems and the fire protection system.

Finally, performance tests are carried out followed by the commissioning of the facility. A period for training and handover is granted, which includes training for rapid troubleshooting of the systems.

Equipment Financing

01 Tailored Service

HUBMASTER® Warehouse Automation Systems offers tailored solutions for the lease purchase of the storage automation project.


Under certain conditions, it is possible to convert an otherwise capital-intensive investment (CAPEX) into an affordable operating expense (OPEX) project.

03 Profitability from Day-one

Achieve a positive impact to your profitability from day-one without having to wait for a long return on your investment.

04 Zero Payback Time

Leasing is a flexible solution, with increasing interest from clients of all sectors, enabling them to make large investments easily and affordably and to provide an immediate return with zero payback time.

05 All Included

This model makes it possible to include all the associated services - maintenance, training, consultancy, and insurance - under a single fee.

06 Your Financing Partner

Through our equipment finance partners we provide an extensive range of possibilities for receiving support to finance large automation projects and diversify your financial portfolio. Speak to us for a free consultation.