The HUBMASTER® System is a Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane used for Automatically Storing and Retrieving loads in and out of a racking system.


Its operation resembles a traditional Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) system, but it is configured for a fast and easy switching of aisles. The System has forks which can take any type of pallet unlike other technologies, and it is able to operate in multi-deep pallet configurations with push-back (LIFO) or gravity flow racking (FIFO), as an alternative to traditional pallet shuttle systems.


The HUBMASTER® Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane has also similarities with an automated guided forklift (AGV), since it is able to operate in an open and collaborative environment with other technologies, or even with personnel on foot, but it is further reaching into applications where AGVs are not suitable such as cold stores.


The system is delivered together with the racking system as a turnkey solution, or it can be mounted on top of existing structures and we then provide design guidance for the correct sizing of the supporting structure below.


With HUBMASTER® you will benefit from:

  • a Patented technology undergoing continuous advancements since 2008.
  • a Multidisciplinary team providing in-house technical support and customizations.
  • a Remote service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and a global service team for onsite rapid response.


01 Multi-aisle operation

The HUBMASTER® System is suited for rapid and space effective aisle changing, so one device can serve several aisles.

02 Works in Narrow Aisles

Very narrow aisles from 1.35 meters (53 in) wide, at a height exceeding 22 m (72 ft), also for the handling of long and bulky loads.

03 Environmentally Friendly

The HUBMASTER® System is an electrically operated device, which does not use batteries, so no energy is wasted in carrying heavy batteries or during battery loading cycles. The System uses no hydraulic fluids, so there is overall less waste to manage during the product's life cycle.

04 Forks for increased versatility

Configured with forks which allow the handling of any type of pallet, either made of wood, plastic, or metal, and with a full perimeter or half perimeter configuration, where other stacker cranes cannot work.

05 24/7 Remote Diagnostics

The HMWare™ warehouse control software can be remotely managed via VPN connection for remote system upgrades, diagnostics, and troubleshooting. It is possible to analyze and recommend possible interventions in corrective scenarios to always ensure minimal productivity losses and the highest availability standards in the industry.

06 Service Excellence

Benefit from fully managed preventive maintenance programs and a variety of Service Level Agreements (SLA) for rapid reaction in corrective maintenance interventions, through partnering local service centers near to you. Spare parts remain available for at least 10 years stored at our Global Spare Part DC.


Fork Carriages types

Standard fork carriage

Standard fork carriage

For use with all types of palletized loads in narrow aisles. The load can be rotated 360º with no limitations. It has two variable manual opening forks to adapt to the requirements of the load.

Trilateral forks carriage

Trilateral forks carriage

For use with palletized loads in very narrow aisles, from 1.35m wide. Its fully motorized movement achieves 180º load handling (it allows loads to be handled from the centre, left or right of the HUBMASTER®).

Variable width forks carriage

Variable width forks carriage

Used with mixed loads, which require forks of different fork openings for the proper load stabilization. Suitable for mixed handling of standard palletized loads and extra-long loads. The motorized adjusting forks allow for a quick automatic adaptation to the load.

Telescopic forks carriage

Telescopic forks carriage

For use with double-deep storage in conventional racking systems. The fully motorised fork extension offers fast and convenient operation and allows easy reach to a second line of pallet positions.

Long load forks carriage

Long load forks carriage

For use with wide loads that require a fork opening of up to 3 metres, to ensure perfect load stability. Thanks to the lateral travel of the mast, long loads can be moved in narrow aisles without rotation.

Custom application carriages

Custom application carriages

For use with special loads requiring custom forks or load gripping systems. Thanks to the lateral travel of the mast, oversized loads can be moved in narrow aisles.


The HUBMASTER® System is available in a wide variety of configurations to suit existing or new storage areas, and to meet the most demanding storage requirements.


The HUBMASTER® rack-supported buildings, also known as rack-clad buildings or high-bay silos, are purposely designed and built buildings with a rack supported structure, which are configured for automatic storage and retrieval applications with a HUBMASTER® System inside. They are configured with multiple-aisle or single-aisle HUBMASTER® stacker cranes for the primary purpose of achieving a perfect ratio between capacity and investment costs, and are ideal for the expansion of current facilities or as an annex to an existing building.


We will guide you through the process from the initial design until its conception, through its planning, implementation, and commissioning. The buildings are designed according to the relevant building norms and standards in your region, to include seismic requirements, fire suppression systems, and electrical systems.

Control software

Functionality and Integration with almost any WMS/ERP/MES in the market.

The HMWare™ by HUBMASTER® warehouse control software (WCS) controls the stacker crane PLCs in real time and provides warehouse management functionality and bi-directional integration with the Client’s management software.

The HMWare™ is a modular management system, which helps to increase productivity, reduce errors, and provides capability to integrate the complex operation and communication of different automated subsystems in the warehouse, such as the HUBMASTER® Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane, AGVs, robotic arms and others.

Racking types & integration

We supply the HUBMASTER® System fully integrated with the storage system, ensuring a perfect fit and the correct structural dimensioning of the racking.

HUBMASTER® Storage and Handling Solutions partners with prime racking manufacturers in Europe and America to offer the best solutions for every application, and acts as a one stop shop for all your needs around the automatic HUBMASTER® System.


The storage in push-back racks as LIFO storage and in gravity flow racks as FIFO storage is possible with a special fork carriage. This allows for the unique application in multi-deep channels without the limitations of shuttle and multi-shuttle systems, furthermore providing a very good cost efficient alternative.

Other type of racking and applications are possible, such as:

  • Cantilever Shelving for long goods.
  • High density Mobile Racking., combining the movement of the racking with the motion of the HUBMASTER® System.
  • Compact Shelving with Shuttle, with the combined management of the shuttle system and the HUBMASTER® System.
  • Rack-Clad buildings where the racks support the HUBMASTER® System and the building.

We typically integrate other components to provide a full turn-key solution to complement your HUBMASTER® System:

  • Automatic guided vehicles (AGV/AMR) for the transport into different areas.
  • Conveyors, as pickup and drop (P&D) stations.
  • Put/Pick to Light (PTL) systems.
  • Palletizing Robotic Cells.
  • Warehouse Management Software (WMS)