Automatic Multi-Aisle Stacker Cranes

Efficient Storage

The HUBMASTER® Automatic Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane System operates in Very Narrow Aisles (VNA), it is fully delivered with the racking system as a turnkey solution, and offers interesting competitive advantages over traditional single-aisle stacker cranes and automatic guided forklifts (AGV):


  • Automatic handling of all types of pallets without slaving.
  • Operate in high density Push-Back (LIFO) and Gravity Flow racking (FIFO).
  • Pickup & drop pallets directly on the floor.
  • On board contour and weight checks.
  • Operate in an open environment without physical fencing.
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Engineered Racking

The HUBMASTER® Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane System is supplied with the racking.


The HUBMASTER® Engineered Racking, crafted from high-strength steel and a bolted design, ensures unparalleled durability while allowing for customizable configurations tailored to your needs.


Unlock high-density storage optimization, delivering cost-effectiveness without compromising on performance. Seamlessly supporting the HUBMASTER® multi-aisle stacker crane systems, our racking solutions redefine warehouse logistics..


Our advanced structural analysis capabilities, ensures maximum load-bearing capacity and structural integrity that guarantees robust performance also under seismic conditions.

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Warehouse Automation Systems


At HUBMASTER® Warehouse Automation Systems we are the manufacturers of the HUBMASTER® Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane system. We are a privately held company with a Global approach and a proven track record on the delivery of specialized complex intralogistics solutions across several continents. 


We design and develop high density automated storage technologies for intelligent applications in warehouses and production processes, with a focus on Customer support and a World-class service.

After-Sales Service

HUBMASTER® Warehouse Automation Systems has a global activity with projects in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, and counts on a network of associated technical service centers to provide on-site quality and reliable technical support.


We provide comprehensive Service Level Agreements (SLA) with rapid response times across different time-zones. A first level of support is provided via remote diagnostics, and we can offer fast reaction times through local teams within minutes or hours, always assuring a priority response to our valued customers.

Global Reach
with assured rapiD response
Proximity Service through local partners
Reliable & Cost-Effective