At HUBMASTER® Warehouse Automation Systems we are the manufacturers of the HUBMASTER® Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane system. We are a privately held company with a Global approach.


We count on a multidisciplinary team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the intralogistics sector, with a proven track record on the delivery of specialized complex automation storage solutions across several continents.


With headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and a network of international commercial partners in Europe, the Americas and Asia, we service a wide range of customers and industries across most continents.


The HUBMASTER® System is our patented technology, in constant evolution since 2008, and serving a great variety of industries such as manufacturing, distribution, freeze and chill, hot rooms, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace, and chemical storage.


We provide cost effective high-density automatic storage solutions to those industries where performance, quality, and reliability is a must.

Technology Team

Our multicultural team of highly skilled engineers are versed in a great variety of engineering fields, from civil and structural engineering, to automation, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.


We design and manufacture the HUBMASTER® Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane System, as an integrated storage and retrieval automatic system, and through a policy for continued investments in R&D, we adapt the latest innovations in automation and bolt-on technologies to offer a highly differentiated solution, and compliance to the strictest international norms and quality standards.


Our sales consulting team develop intralogistics solutions to optimize all warehouse processes, whether you need a standard storage system for your palletized loads, or a fully automated integrated storage system with palletization processes performed by robots and automatic conveyors.


The possibilities of the HUBMASTER® technology allows us to operate solutions which are otherwise not possible with automatic AGV (auto guided vehicle) technologies or where traditional AS/RS type are not justified for price or productivity reasons.

Industries We Serve


  • We provide solutions for temporary storage as part of production processes, which require 24/7 continued operation under minimal supervision.
  • Typical applications are the storage of work-in-progress parts (WIP) to accommodate different process capacities or curing times.
  • Automated storage for oversized raw materials, tool storage, buffer or work in progress stock and finished goods.

Freeze, Chill and Hot Stores:

  • We provide automated storage and retrieval systems for demanding environments at temperatures below -30ºC (-22ºF), or above 40ºC (104ºF) with high humidity conditions.
  • Space optimization and operational efficiencies in an energy intensive consumption environment.
  • Protect your assets and your personnel with continued operations under reduced supervision.


  • Buffer storage to accommodate different production times in the manufacturing line.or to provide just-in-sequence (JIS) production to assembly lines.
  • Providing vertical storage for space optimization and integration with other automatic transport systems in the factory.
  • Storage of heavy and bulky tools.


  • Storage of large and awkward parts during MRO operations.
  • Storage of wheels with automatic routines for their preservation.
  • Vertical storage inside of hangars with direct accessibility to the stored assets by the aircraft mechanics.

Chemicals & Pharma:

  • Dynamic automatic storage management to guarantee compliance with strict chemical storage norms.
  • Automatic storage for FEFO/FIFO or LIFO storage and expiry date lot management.
  • Space optimization in cost intensive facilities and operational efficiencies while protecting your personnel and assets.

Food, Beverage & Distribution:

  • Management of customer orders for rapid reaction and distribution just in time.
  • Space optimization and maximization of the storage cube in distribution facilities.
  • Automatic storage for FEFO/FIFO storage and expiry date lot management.