HUBMASTER® expands its customer base with a new project for an automotive component supplier in Germany. The automatic storage HUBMASTER® System improves responsiveness and service for the supply of products to customer car assembly chains in southern Germany. The project is located near Ulm, Baden-Württemberg, where fluid conduction systems are produced for servo steering systems, fuel, brakes, and exhaust fumes.


The versatility of the HUBMASTER® System, as well as its reliability as a stacker system for handling loads of different sizes in reduced spaces, achieved through a fork carriage with variable opening forks, has been critical in the decision-making. Likewise, the cost per stored unit has been decisive, thanks to the optimization per square meter and the low implementation and operational costs.


The HUBMASTER® system is characterized by being a suspended system which works in narrow aisles - in this case, boxes up to 6 m long are being moved in aisles of only 1.8 m wide. The system works without touching the ground, because it rolls from a guiding system installed on the racking system itself, or, as it is in this case, directly supported from rails installed on the building, as a bridge crane. This allows the HUBMASTER® System to quickly change aisles and extract long loads beyond the shelf itself, even for loading directly onto a truck. Thanks to the HUBMASTER® System the Customer has been able to maximize the storage capacity in the small space available in his plant.


The Customer in this case imposed very strict criteria relating to the time of access and extraction of loads. Unlike other systems, the HUBMASTER® System allows single-device access to loads of different sizes, ranging from pallets to boxes 6 m long, without affecting its load capacity for the entire height, which in this case is 1,500 kg at 7 m high.


The HUBMASTER® System has different patented fork carriage models, which adapt the system according to the product needs. In this case, a motorized fork opening carriage has been mounted, designed and manufactured by HUBMASTER®. Trilateral forks are also available for narrow aisle work, and also telescopic forks for double deep storage. The HUBMASTER® systems are full electromechanical assemblies, thus avoiding complex hydraulic subsystems and achieving high reliability.


The automatic HUBMASTER® Systems, which are also available for use with operator in semi-automatic mode, offer a great advantage to industrial companies, which otherwise had had a very limited offer in terms of warehouses automation before.


HUBMASTER® Storage and Handling Solutions continues its expansion with its patented automatic technology, which provides valuable solutions to all those industries who wanted to automate the warehouse, but could not find reasonable answers before.