Taking into account DC Velocity’s recent Article “Overcoming warehouse labor challenges” which tackles the labor problem and points out the conclusions of the [CSCMP] Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals panel which highlights the tools some firms are using to manage the situation by introducing work management apps, and a better and stronger Company culture in employee relations, we´d like to propose the HUBMASTER®’s automation point of view to address these issues.


To confront the existing disruptive forces in the labor market today, Hubmaster presents its Fully Automated Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane as an option to “Overcome Warehouse Labor Challenges” as a superior solution for Manufacturers, Warehouses, Storage facilities, Logistics and Distribution Centers.


The Pandemic phenomena also exposed various factors in the Warehouse environment that have proven to be detrimental to its successful management:  An aging workforce, a shrinking pool of young talent, and wage inflation. 


While the Industry as a whole is facing a relentless battle over labor related issues, Hubmaster presents itself as a go forward option with Automation in the Warehouse environment in order to make it efficient and profitable while tackling the issue of “Labor Shortage” and “Labor Deficiencies”.


Hubmasters’ Multi-Aisle ASRS is a formidable solution able to tackle labor issues, while optimizing warehouse footprint, making it more efficient, profitable, practical and safer. Its outstanding performance in dark environments, subzero temperatures, extreme heat conditions, hazardous materials, food processing, and pharma make it a formidable ROI investment.