The new automatic HUBMASTER® technology will be presented at the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart on 19-21 February 2019. The innovative HUBMASTER® load lifting and handling system represents an interesting alternative to traditional high-density automatic handling systems without touching the ground.


Today, any company’s intralogistics activity has become a key factor in its competitiveness. Intralogistics can make a difference, because the distribution/warehouse center, as an integral part of the corporate logistics chain, is a key element of differentiation and an integral part of the business strategy. Optimized intralogistics design enables sustainable growth, bringing competitive advantages in business development in most sectors.


That is why HUBMASTER Storage & Handling Solutions has developed an integrated storage and load handling solution capable of adapting to all types of industries, with characteristics clearly differentiated from current alternatives and representing a high-density storage solution with automatic and semi-automatic format.


Automation has traditionally been considered in applications where a high warehouse productivity justifies the extra-cost of a fully autonomous operation. Also, in those industries with difficult environmental conditions to minimize the risk of accidents.


As a recent addition to the company's solutions portfolio, the automatic version of this HUBMASTER technology applied to totes and pallets has been developed. The HUBMASTER solution is characterized by a high-density system capable of operating fully autonomously, in corridors from 1.75 m wide for euro pallets, moving in height to more than 9 m on rails without touching the ground. This avoids the need for a very expensive floor infrastructure and makes it easy to change aisles, allowing automatic HUBMASTER elevators to be used in multiple aisles reducing the total cost of installation. Its multiple configurations, as well as a multidirectional operation, allow the management from very small goods to large loads, and especially long, in very narrow aisles.


Hubmaster® Storage & Handling Solutions approaches your projects with a wholistic approach, based on a comprehensive flow and operational analysis. It then offers the most reasonable solutions at a technical and economic level. Finally, it is responsible for the installation and commissioning of the integrated systems, supplying the turnkey project.


As critical as a successful implementation is the after-sales service, always adapted to the complexity of the installation and customer’s technical needs. HUBMASTER® offers preventive inspections to corrective maintenance, and a spare parts program that ensures immediate availability of parts within 24 hours and shipped with the manufacturer's original warranty.