HUBMASTER® Storage & Handling Solutions, manufacturer and supplier of specialized systems for handling and moving loads in industrial environments, will present at the International Logistics Fair SIL 2019 in Barcelona (Stand C342), after the good reception at the LogiMAT fair in Stuttgart, SITL in Paris, and Advanced Factories in Barcelona, its latest innovation: the automatic storage HUBMASTER® system. This new automatic storage technology positions itself as an alternative to AGV automatic forklifts and focuses on industrial applications, allowing high reach storage in a very narrow aisle configuration without operator.


The automatic high density HUBMASTER® system is capable of operating in very narrow aisles from 1.30 meters wide at a height of more than 10 meters, with loads up to 3 tons. It represents a very interesting technical solution and offers much higher storage densities than other alternatives. In addition, the particularity of this system is that it is kept 5 cm raised from the ground avoiding contact with the floor, so it does not require a good industrial pavement.


The HUBMASTER® can easily switch aisles in a small space, resulting in an increased productivity. Its range of configurations offers standard, trilateral, and telescopic fork carriages. The HUBMASTER® can also be configured with an automatic variable width forks carriage, for handling large products up to 6 meters wide, which can be stored in a narrow aisle, providing great space savings and a cost advantage over any other automatic alternative.


The HUBMASTER® works 100% autonomously through its native control software, which integrates with the customer's warehouse management software (WMS) or ERP, ensuring flexibility and efficiency 24 hours a day.


In addition, the HUBMASTER® runs continuously without batteries, so it does not require battery charge systems, battery replacement, or special measures for the evacuation of gases emitted during the charging process.


HUBMASTER® Storage & Handling Solutions is a provider of automated industrial applications and has extensive experience in providing solutions that integrate automatic storage and transportation systems.