Developed and engineered by HUBMASTER® Storage & Handling Solutions, the HMWare™ is the most robust solution in Warehouse Management Software (WMS), committed for ease of use in the management of the automated warehouses by HUBMASTER®. Designed in eight (8) different modules it allows great flexibility, adaptability, and customization for the most efficient control of any Installation.


Offering direct integration with the HUBMASTER® Automated Storage and Retrieval System the HMWare™ is a very advanced solution for the management of the automated warehouse.


Eight main modules make up the HMWare™:


  • Warehouse Management Module

This module includes all aspects related to Load, Location, and Master Record Management: the inflow and outflow, the internal movements and stock transfers, its location and position, the definition of the storage areas, storage strategies, the users, and their roles.


  • Real Time Control Module

This module provides the user with the ability to monitor and view the warehouse in real time. Including the graphic option to view the complete plan of the warehouse in real time. It allows to carry out different operations such as, for example, the selective search by reference, company or owner within a particular warehouse, the verification of the occupation status and configuration of all the references, the printing of reports on the status of the items located in alignment, conducting partial inventories and merchandise controls.


  • Inventory Management Module

This module carries out the control of merchandise stored in selected locations, verifying units, batches, series, expiration dates and every characteristic of the inventoried references while recording the time in which they were made and by whom.


  • Report Modules

This module allows the formatting of fully customized reports.


  • Configuration Module

Used for the set-up of all operating parameters of the system, this Module grants the permissions for storage, delivery, relocation, and various policies that will be defined during the implementation of the system.


  • Integration Module

This module allows integration with the Company's Data Systems, Resource and Manufacturing Planning Software ERP/MES and other physical subsystems, such as Conveyors, AGVs, Labelers, Robots, etc. This integration allows real-time exchange of the information processed by the systems, allowing the data related to customer orders, supplier orders, articles, customers, suppliers, to be imported into the HMWare ™.The HMWare™ can in the same manner export data to the ERP and it can also monitor the movement and traffic control instructions of the other subsystems.


  • Mobility Module

The Wi-Fi module allows the Operator to work freely throughout the Warehouse via remote mobile connection.


  • Multi Warehouse Module

The Multiple Warehouse Module allows the possibility of setting-up several Virtual Warehouses in the same physical warehouse, each warehouse being able to belong to a different company. This module allows Logistics Companies to give individualized, personalized, and exclusive access to each one of their clients, allowing them to see stock, inventories, placing orders, planning merchandise receipts, amongst many other options.



The HMWare™ software has all the necessary functionalities in terms of receiving, dispatching, order preparation, inventory, and it can also offer modular extensions custom made by the same development team.


The HMWare™ is able to integrate perfectly with the different types of Control Software (WCS) and Management Systems (ERP/MES/OMS) available in the warehouse while being able to control other subsystems - such as labelers, robotic cells, conveyors, or AGVs, and enabling faster and more efficient EDI communications.What makes it stand out from other solutions is that it was conceived for the complete Management of the HUBMASTER® Storage System.


As a Management and Control System, the versatility of the HMWare™ allows the optimization and automation of processes, the increase in storage capacity and a reduction in errors, which means a considerable increase in profitability.


The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the HMWare™ is clean and very efficient, while its most outstanding feature is that it can be tailored made to specific requirements. A user-oriented solution has been sought for comfortable daily use and an agile adaptation of users to new tools. In addition, it is a multiplatform solution compatible with desktop computers, as well as for all types of portable devices.


HUBMASTER Storage & Handling Solutions has its own development team and counts with industrial alliances for the continuous development of the HMWare™ software that periodically develops and updates the software with the aim of incorporating new functionalities to adapt to the new needs of each sector.


The HUBMASTER® Automated System is a Multi-Aisle Stacker Crane, which is presented as an alternative to traditional Single-Aisle Systems and AGVs, while offering an unrivalled solution per stored unit. It is very important for HUBMASTER® to offer a very good quality of service to its clients and therefore counts with a software support and maintenance team to guarantee an adequate response to the specific needs of its international clients.