HUBMASTER® collaborative systems allow automatic operations in the warehouse, where machines and people work together and in coordination at the same time and in the same space.


The HUBMASTER® System allows access to palletized loads which are retrieved and dropped at ground level, or in predetermined locations on the rack, or outside of it, where operators can continue with the manual order preparation process.


The load monitoring and controlled movement of the HUBMASTER® system even allows for working with pallets without any wrapping for a more efficient picking. The pallets are retrieved and transported automatically and are dropped directly at workstations without costly conveyor systems.


The solution compared to other automated guided forklift solutions (AGV), or traditional stacker cranes (ASRS), offers great space and operational efficiency, since it is possible to work in a multiple aisle configuration and in very narrow spaces, unlike the other solutions.


The HUBMASTER® HMWare™ management software provides for the automated management of pallet storage and retrieval processes. The HMWare™ software communicates with the different management software in the plant and is responsible for coordinating all movements in the warehouse for the preparation of individual customer orders.


HUBMASTER® Handling & Storage Solutions is a manufacturer of automatic storage solutions with prestigious international projects and follows a product-focused R&D investment policy for the development of new solutions.


HUBMASTER® technology is designed for industrial and distribution applications that require automatic management of palletized and special loads, which can also be heavy and bulky, and presents very competitive implementation costs per stored unit compared to alternative technologies.