Operation in Automatic Mode

Currently, the automatic HUBMASTER® system represents a very interesting alternative and a great competitive advantage over:

  • The current AS/RS automatic stacker crane systems.
  • Miniloads (low loads for medium or low operating cycles).
  • AGVs for lifting materials.

As part of its latest change, due to considerable market demand for automatic systems, the HUBMASTER® system has been adapted for use without an operator. At the same time, it remains available in a semi-automatic version that requires an operator.


Work in Narrow Aisles

Very narrow aisles from 1.35 metres wide, at a height exceeding 10 metres.

Does not require strong Industrial Flooring

The special feature of this system is that it remains 5cm above the ground by avoiding contact with the surface.

Multi-aisle operation

The HUBMASTER® system makes it possible to work in several aisles at the same time. This reduces investments and increases profitability.

Cost Reduction

The HUBMASTER® lift can easily change aisles and operate on multiple aisles, increasing productivity and reducing total facility costs.

Control Software

Designed specifically for the automatic control of the storage system. It incorporates a proprietary SGA module, or integrates seamlessly with that of the client, for 24-hour management of order dispatches and reception.

The automatic version of HUBMASTER® operates 100% autonomously.


WCS - Functionality and Integration with SGA/ERP

Automatic AS/RS HUBMASTER® system

The HUBMASTER® control system software controls the stacker crane PLCs and system head modules in real time.

The software is designed specifically to integrate with warehouse management software (SGA) and allows the management of load removal and storage orders in accordance with strategies. These can be defined according to specific operational requirements.

For example, you can define storage strategies according to the rotations of each reference (ABC), or extraction strategies according to the needs of subsequent processes such as automatic palletising of orders.

The WCS software can also:

  • Register new goods that enter the system.
  • Keep track of incidents.
  • Generate reports for defined KPIs.
  • Monitor and automatically reassign locations and stored units according to rotation.

It also allows easy and efficient integration with the other intralogistics subsystems in the warehouse: robots, sorters, palletisers, labellers...


  • Simple fork carriage head module

For use with all types of palletised loads in narrow aisles. The load is rotated via the rotation of the mast, which can rotate through 360 degrees with no limitations. It has two variable opening forks to adapt to the requirements of the load.

  • Trilateral fork carriage head module

For use with palletised loads in very narrow aisles, from 1.35m wide. Its fully motorised movement achieves 180º load handling (it allows loads to be handled from the centre, left or right of the HUBMASTER®).

  • Variable width head module

For use with mixed loads that require forks of different widths for proper handling. They are suitable for palletised loads and even long loads, which require a special separation between forks for correct stabilisation. The width between the forks is adjustable via a motor, which allows quick adaptation to the load in an ergonomic manner.

  • Telescopic fork carriage head module

For use with double-deep stored loads in conventional racking systems. The fully motorised fork extension offers fast and convenient operation and allows easy reaching of second-line pallet positions. By combining its use with work in narrow aisles, a storage capacity that would otherwise be difficult to reach is achieved.

  • Long load fork carriage

For use with wide loads that require a fork opening of up to 3 metres, to ensure perfect load stability. Thanks to the lateral translation of the mast, long loads can be moved in narrow aisles.

  • Head module for boxes (Miniload)

Specially designed for the handling of boxes weighing up to 50kg through automatic HUBMASTER® systems, achieving high performance and productivity.

Multi-Aisle Configuration

The HUBMASTER®system is available in a wide variety of configurations to suit both existing storage areas and their storage requirements.

As an example, the picture shows a six-row rack configuration that allows you to move from one aisle to another.

It eliminates the need for three single-aisle HUBMASTER® systems, if the processing frequency allows this. It is more cost effective than having three single aisle units and is especially interesting in connection with automatic systems.

Types of Shelving

The rails on which the device is moved are installed at the top of shelving systems, regardless of whether they are new or previously installed, and are suitable for the following types:

  • Conventional Cross-Beam Shelving.
  • Mobile Shelving.
  • Dynamic Gravity Shelving.
  • Push-Back Racks.
  • Compact Shelving With Shuttle.
  • Cantilever Shelving.

Operation in Very Narrow Aisles

When the HUBMASTER® is configured with a trilateral head, you get all the benefits of the standard system, and can also work in corridors from 1.35 m wide and more than 10m high without touching the ground.

The system is suitable for:

  • Obtain store configurations with narrow aisles.
  • Maximising storage volume.

It offers a clear economic advantage over the traditional trilateral truck.

The trilateral head allows for the autonomous, independent rotation and translation of the forks to match the rotation and proper motion of the mast of the machine.

The special feature of this system is that it remains 5cm above the ground by avoiding contact with the surface, meaning that strong industrial flooring is not needed.

Plus Configuration

The mast can be also configured with or without its own rotation, depending on the characteristics of the installation.

It is thus possible to reach loads on both sides of the aisle and remove them from the rack by moving the forks without turning them.

It can be combined with the double-deep telescopic head for even greater storage density.

Recommended use

It is especially recommended in warehouses where the condition of the ground does not allow operating with trilateral forklifts without substantial adaptation to these types of machines.

In addition, it can operate 24 hours a day without using costly forklift batteries.

It does not require battery recharging systems or special measures for the evacuation of gases emitted during the battery recharging process.

Operation in semi-automatic mode

We also offer the HUBMASTER®system in semi-automatic mode, with the same characteristics of the automatic system, but requiring an operator, with a platform and a control panel. This requires that the operation be handled by the operator, manoeuvring independently and efficiently.


The HUBMASTER® system control software can be used to completely modify the areas within the corridor, as well as the configuration parameters for movement and acceleration in these areas.

Speeds and accelerations are programmed to suit each specific application and can be limited to different control zones within the aisle, depending on the direction of travel of the device at any given time.

Approximation in Forward

Approximation in Reverse


Prohibited-access area Once the system is in this area, no movement is allowed.


Slow movement area Speed is limited in this area.


Free movement areaAll movements and speeds are allowed.

Red Arrows Movements are not allowed.

Orange Arrows The low-speed mechanism is active.

Green Arrows All movements and speeds are permitted without restrictions.


Operation in Very Narrow Aisles

Fully functional in corridors from 1.35 metres wide.


Can be configured to operate with virtually any type of pallet, cantilevered shelving or auxiliary structure. Allows operation in multiple aisles with a single system, through rapid changes and in confined spaces.

Operation on Any Flooring

When moving on guide rails installed on previously levelled shelves, avoiding contact with the floor, it does not require even or smooth pavements.

High Resistance

The standard system programme offers load capacities of up to 2500 kg and shelf height configurations of up to 10m. It can also be supplied in custom configurations.

Operations involving Bulky Loads

Allows loads to be moved laterally without rotation in order to minimise the aisle width required to move bulky items.

Ergonomic Design

Allows any operator to use it with minimal training. The 360º rotation of the mast provides maximum control and manoeuvrability.

Design R&D&I

We design our intralogistics solutions and load handling equipment with the most up-to-date software available, allowing us to subject our products to exhaustive structural analysis to ensure that they have suitable strength.

This is all done in order to offer optimal operation that complies with the applicable technical standards.
 Our investments in R&D allow us to constantly improve our load handling systems to optimise their flexibility, durability and adaptability and to identify and develop the best integrated intralogistics solutions on the market.


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