Advanced storage for smart intralogistics

We develop technologies in the field of high density automated storage in order to offer global solutions for warehouses and production processes, thus providing competitive improvements to small, medium and large industries.

Intra-logistic innovation

Automatic Storage

  • The HUBMASTER ® system has been adapted for use without an operator.
  • 100% self-management through proprietary machine and warehouse management control software.
  • Economic savings and value right from the first day.
  • Easy operation in any type of aisle.
  • Flexibility and efficiency of use, allowing for continuous operations 24 hours a day without recharging batteries.
  • An alternative solution that overcomes the typical limitations of AGVs in terms of height storage.

Storage in very narrow aisles

  • Fully functional from 1.35 metres wide.
  • Configuration with a trilateral head.
  • Autonomous, independent rotation and translation of the forks.
  • Storage volume is maximised.
  • 24h of operation without expensive batteries.
  • Works without touching the ground, which means direct savings in terms of infrastructure costs and paving.
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Consulting service

  • Design and integration of global solutions for the design of the warehouse and production system, including belt and roller conveyors, Goods-to-Man (GTM) picking stations, end of line robotic stations for automatic palletising and packaging, pick/put to light (PTL) systems, etc.
  • A multidisciplinary engineering team that designs fire-fighting systems in accordance with European and American standards, certification for commissioning, lighting systems, design of storage systems in seismic zones, etc. 
  • Systems integration for turnkey projects.
  • 20 years of experience in designing custom solutions.
  • Multiple configurations for optimal adaptation to the requirements of each scenario.
  • In-depth knowledge of the needs and expectations of customers.
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After-sales service


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