Consulting services

The experts at HUBMASTER® Storage & Handling Solutions are also specialists in consulting projects, supported by:

  • Considerable experience.
  • Knowledge of the global intralogistics market.

Consultative studies are performed, evaluating the data in detail to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency of the customer's logistics centre operations.

Solution Integration

In the design of our clients' warehouses and in the optimisation of their general operations, we seek to respond to complex scenarios that require specialised solutions. The solutions that we provide act in a consistent and unified manner.

The integration of intralogistics solutions is another of our strengths, and we offer turnkey implementations in terms of more that just design, for example:

  • Conveyor belts and rollers.
  • Goods-to-Man (GTM) type Picking Stations.
  • Line ends with robotic cells for automatic palletising.
  • Pick/put to light (PTL) systems.
  • Etc.

Guaranteed Solutions

Our technical team in intralogistics consulting will analyse your case and recommend the best solution:

  • The flow and storage of goods more efficient in its centre.
  • The implementation of the latest technologies available in the market, and the best suited to the required solution.
  • Implementation of fully automatic solutions with short-term returns on investment.
  • Generation of technical documentation.
  • Dynamic analysis and simulations to visualise the proposed solution.
  • Integration and project management for full implementation of the systems.

Engineering Services

At HUBMASTER® we have a multidisciplinary engineering team, trained and experienced such that all services fall within their expertise.

Our engineering team performs:

  • Design of fire systems in line with the European and American regulations.
  • Certifications for commissioning.
  • Lighting systems.
  • Diseños de sistemas de almacenaje en zonas sísmicas.
  • Etc.

Comprehensive Advice

We are experts in advising our clients, thanks to our extensive and proven experience. That is why:

  • We advise on how to improve the profitability of your business by maximising the efficiency of your storage operations.
  • We provide a customer service which is completely and totally customised to your needs, including technical visits to sites, budgets, designs and final proposals.
  • We offer a remote technical assistance service for the identification and resolution of incidents that ensures the perfect functioning of each facilities while minimising the duration of technical downtime.
  • We also have programmes for preventive and corrective maintenance, extended warranties and spare parts with delivery times of 24, 48 or 72 hours anywhere in the world.

All this is done using the latest technological developments, which drives us to innovate another step further towards Industry 4.0.


1. Data Collection

Comprehensive analysis of technical data collected through scheduled site visits or through customer-supplied data.
In order to assess the initial situation and design the best intralogistics solution, we start from:

  • Analysis of the loads that are going to be handled and their dimensions.
  • The necessary storage capacity.
  • The turnover rate of the products.
  • The existing facilities.
  • Forecasts for growth and future challenges.

2. Intralogistics Systems Planning

By developing an in-depth knowledge of the requirements and needs of our customers, we always look for:

  • The best intralogistic solutions to optimise processes and resources, maximising their efficiency and productivity.
  • In this phase we identify the product flows in the system and integrate the storage systems and equipment handling and transport to improve the required efficiency or storage density.
  • We make use of the latest trends and technologies on the market for the best possible development of the solution.

3. Development of the Project

We develop all the technical specifications for the solution of the project, as well as:

  • The detailed distribution plans.
  • The integration of solutions into the building.
  • Interaction with existing facilities.

We also design the fire protection system and analyse the transfer of loads onto the flooring.

This is all accompanied by a financial study which compares the cost savings that would result from the proposed design, compared to the current one.

4. Implementation of the Project

Implementation of the Project Our assigned project manager will monitor:

  • The comprehensive implementation of the intralogistic project designed in the previous phases.
  • The management of deliveries of materials, components and handling equipment to the site.
  • The assembly of the shelving systems.
  • The electrical and mechanical assembly of the cargo handling equipment.
  • Installation of the fire protection system.
  • The execution of all relevant safety inspections.
  • The commissioning of the facility.
  • Staff training.
  • The handover of the facility and the warranty documents.


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