Who we are

At HUBMASTER® Storage & Handling Solutions we have a multidisciplinary team of engineers with more than 20 years of experience in the intralogistics sector, creating designs for logistics facilities and turnkey implementations all over the world.

With headquarters in Barcelona and commercial branches in Europe and the United States, we service a wide range of customers on all five continents.

We are leaders in manufacturing and designing intelligent systems for automatic and semi-automatic handling with high performance, quality and durability.

The HUBMASTER® system is our own patented technology and is suited to a large number of high-density automatic storage applications.

In accordance with the highest standards in the sector, our solutions provide high added value, and the profitability of your investment will be guaranteed.

Thanks to constant investment in new technologies for the development of automatic systems for handling loads, we offer the most reliable and technologically advanced solutions available.

Our mission

To develop innovative solutions in the field of automated high-density storage, in order to improve the competitiveness of small, medium and large companies.

Our vision

We aspire to be a benchmark for the industry in the field of automatic storage, through technological solutions that provide value and competitive advantages to our customers. We want to continue to be a different yet accessible and close-knit alternative, one which can provide innovative solutions for the improvement of industrial productivity and which has a clear focus on the future.

Our Values


We have more than 20 years experience in offering intralogistic solutions to our customers.


We love what we do, which allows us to do better, more careful work.


All our work is characterised by being innovative and tailored to the needs of the market.


We follow an R&D&I policy whereby we are continuously developing new technologies and offering the best solutions on the market.


We work in line with the most stringent international standards, using only high-quality components and materials in order to provide highly reliable systems and sound technological investments.


We integrate complementary technologies from international partners to offer optimised global solutions.

With HUBMASTER ® we continue to bring Industry 4.0 of the future to the industry of today!


Technological Solutions

At HUBMASTER® Storage & Handling Solutions we develop technological solutions for warehouses that are tailored to the relevant requirements and available infrastructures, starting from an in-depth analysis of the installed systems and possible future requirements.

We design and develop the best possible intralogistics solution to optimise all warehouse processes, whether you need a standard storage system for your palletised loads, or a fully automated integrated storage system with palletisation processes performed by robots and automatic conveyors.

Thanks to the possibilities of HUBMASTER® technology, operation in very narrow aisles (from 1.35 meters wide) is impossible for any other type of automatic AGV (auto guided vehicle) technology. We are also able to offer alternatives for all those projects where a traditional solution via means of Miniloads (automatic box storage) or automatic stacker cranes for pallets of the AS/RS type is not justified by price or productivity.

"Turnkey" Solutions

Our storage solutions and load handling equipment can be installed in two ways:

  • Turnkey by means of a proprietary assembly system.
  • The work equipment is provided by the client and supervised by qualified personnel to ensure the quality of the assembly.

These two HUBMASTER® options guarantee you a correct, fast and efficient installation of the systems and proper performance of the final inspections and tests for a successful implementation.

Industry 4.0

We want to put you in the middle of this new industrial revolution, digitising and automating production processes in factories through the installation of intelligent systems for storage and manipulation of products, for competitive improvement. This digitisation results in a profound transformation of working environments and the way warehouses operate, always for the sake of productivity and better performance.

At HUBMASTER® our teams are adapted to Industry 4.0: intelligent industry. Global solutions for the automation of intralogistics (internal logistics) help to increase the competitiveness of companies and place them in the industry of the future.


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