Official Service

HUBMASTER® offers different levels of technical support for compliance with maintenance and service instructions, providing priority access to trained technical personnel and offering different guaranteed response times in corrective interventions.


We count on a global network of collaborating technical service centres for the preventive and corrective maintenance of our equipment, which can provide storage of critical spare parts and supplies in country.

Available Programs

We offer various degrees of support depending on the project specifics and customer requirements:


24/7 telephone support.


24/7 remote diagnostics via remote connection over the Internet.


Corrective maintenance programs with different levels of guaranteed rapid reaction times, within hours of a call-out.


Preventive maintenance programs for compliance to EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and local regulatory directives.


Critical spare part programs for rapid response.


Training on system maintenance and troubleshooting to customer’s technicians.

Critical Spares

We offer a complimentary spare parts program to our valued customers, with immediate availability and dispatch within 24 hours, which ensures:


  • Availability of spare parts for a minimum of 10 years or equivalent replacements.
  • Availability of spare parts, which are issued new and with full standard original manufacturer equipment's warranty.
  • Continued operations the storage system by minimizing the duration of technical downtimes.


This program is offered combined with the emergency repair service and remote assistance for the identification and resolution of problems.


Other models of Spare Part Programs, such as the purchasing or storage of spare parts on site or by a local service team are possible, depending on each market.


The HUBMASTER® System is built with components from first European and American brands.


Our valued customers benefit from a 3-year international warranty covering against any defect in materials, workmanship and/or product design, provided the product is used in accordance with the specified equipment classification, service intervals and performance requirements


Warranty claims should be addressed and recorded in our HUBMASTER® Technical Support Portal and should be accompanied with detailed evidence regarding the claimed fault, including photographs to enable prompt resolution of the claim.


Our After-sales support team typically performs an initial remote diagnostic of the potential fault and then coordinates an on-site servic team according to the agreed conditions in the Corrective Maintenance Service Program.

Technical Service Partners

Our associated Technical Service Partners are certified to provide compliance with all instructions and recommendations for a reliable maintenance and the correct servicing of our equipment. Our global network of collaborating service teams offers preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as stocking of spare parts.


By contracting a Service Program from HUBAMSTER® you will be assured of:

  • Priority access to official technical staff.
  • Priority access to original spare parts.
  • Reduced rates for those interventions outside of the warranty.